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Cactus Semiconductor aka Cactus Custom Analog Design

Cactus Semiconductor (Cactus) is a fabless semiconductor company established in 2002.  Our founders and several employees have experience at some of the largest medical device companies in the world.  This experience is a key differentiator with Cactus and other semiconductor companies.  Our top focus is serving the medical device market through the design and development of medical integrated circuits (medical ASICs).  The integration of your company’s medical electronics can bring several advantages. Using Cactus’s depth and breadth of medical electronics experience, we can provide a solution that includes smaller size, lower power, lower cost, fewer components, and improved reliability.  The advantages of electronics integration can open up market opportunities otherwise not available.

Cactus provides our customers with the optimum solution for their medical integrated electronics.  We work with our customers to define, develop, and produce custom analog and mixed signal integrated circuits for medical applications. Cactus develops custom integrated circuits (ICs) that find use in numerous low power and portable medical applications.  These medical applications include but are not limited to the following, glucose meters, cardiac defibrillators, pacemakers, hearing aids, respiratory monitors, ECG monitors, neurological stimulators and sensors, surgical load sensing, and drug infusion pumps.  Cactus develops integrated circuits for both non-implantable and implantable devices.

Cactus offers a full range of products and services to support your Medical ASIC needs.  As part of our product development offering, Cactus provides feasibility studies, specification development, full turn-key design, and full production support.  Full production support includes medical ASIC characterization, medical ASIC qualification, production packaging, and production testing.  Cactus manages the entire ASIC supply chain providing our medical customers with “Known Good Die” for their medical device.  Cactus’s service model allows our customers with in-house IC development capability to leverage our expertise and expand their development bandwidth to bring products to market faster.

As expected from a company serving the medical marketplace, Cactus works closely with our customers during the entire medical ASIC development cycle to ensure quality is designed into their product.  Cactus provides project management of the entire medical ASIC development effort.  On a weekly basis Cactus provides key metrics on performance to schedule and performance to budget.  Risks are discussed through out the project and leveraging Cactus’s experienced based methodology, risk mitigation techniques are applied.  The backbone of our entire development process is supported by our ISO 9001:2008 certified quality systems.

Cactus Semiconductor’s business model allows us to support companies of all sizes, from early stage medical startups to billion dollar medical device corporations.  Regardless of company size, we look forward to bringing the advantages of custom medical ASICs to your medical device product.  

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