Boyd Corporation announced that their facility in Chonburi, Thailand has achieved ISO 13485 certification

Pleasanton, California – July 09, 2019 – Boyd Corporation, a global leader in sealing, protection and thermal management solutions, announced their facility in Chonburi, Thailand has achieved certification to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Quality Standard 13485:2016 for its Quality Management System (QMS) in place for the medical device industry. Boyd Thailand’s new medical certification expands its ability to serve global medical device and wearable companies with high volume precision converting technologies in best cost geographies.

ISO 13485 is the highest internationally recognized quality standard for organizations involved in the Medical industry. By obtaining this certification, the Thailand facility joins Boyd’s robust list of ISO 13485 medical certified facilities in the United States, Germany, and China. “Attaining this certification demonstrates our global commitment to quality, to meeting customer and international regulatory requirements, as well as helping our customers enhance the safety and reliability of their medical devices,” said Vice-President of Global Medical Sales, Fred Knox. “We are very pleased to be poised to supply medical customers with replicable manufacturing technologies in a growing global medical footprint – allowing Boyd to flex and scale with customers as they ramp or penetrate new geographic regions.”Boyd Thailand’s state-of-the-art facility features high-speed, multi-station rotary and flat-bed converting technologies for both mass production and quick-turn prototyping. The Boyd Thailand team is well-equipped to support highly complex converted components with industry-leading tolerance control and accelerated new product development and design cycles with short lead times. The facility also features clean rooms classified from 1K to 100K and a quality lab suited for measuring and testing, sensitive material handling, and manufacturing of products with stringent cleanliness requirements.“We are proud to have good people, reliable materials, and exacting processes that continually exceed our Medical customers’ quality and environmental goals on both a strategic and day-to-day work order level,” stated Boyd CEO Mitch Aiello. Boyd’s diverse and complex solutions drive value to global customers by optimizing product performance and efficiency, preventing unintended device failure, minimizing wear and tear, and extending product lifecycles with a design velocity that accelerates development time-to-market – available on three continents.