High strength, implant grade silicone gel for soft form medical devices

Santa Paula, California – September 18, 2014 – Applied Silicone Corporation,a global supplier of long term implantable silicones for the medical device and critical healthcare market, introduces a high strength, responsive silicone gel for the implantable medical device market.  The Dual Matrix Gel System incorporates a unique crosslink technology delivering a silicone gel with improved fracture resistance, cohesive strength, and adhesion.  The Dual Matrix technology consists of two crosslinked networks working in conjunction to retain a superior balance of softness and cohesive strength.

Applied Silicone’s Dual Matrix Gel System possesses cohesive strength to maintain the integrity of the gel and demonstrates superior adhesion to a shape retaining membrane.  The Dual Matrix technology is ideally suited for gel-filled and soft form medical devices including soft body contour implants, testicular implants, and implantable sensor circuitry.   A detailed technical dossier and material compendium summary of testing, specific to this product, is available for assistance with regulatory submissions of Class II and Class III medical devices.

“Applied Silicone continues to deliver innovative material technology to the implantable device market,” said Alastair Winn, President of Applied Silicone.  “I believe our Dual Matrix gel possesses the right balance of softness and cohesive strength to outperform all other implantable silicone gels on the market.”

Applied Silicone’s Dual Matrix High Strength Responsive Gel System is available now; to learn more please call 1-805-525-5657 (U.S.) or + 353 (0) 86 8953 049 (Europe)or visit www.appliedsilicone.com.

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About Applied Silicone Corporation

Applied Silicone is a global supplier of long-term implantable silicones serving the medical device and critical healthcare market since 1987. Products include high purity silicone gels, elastomer dispersions, adhesives, LSR, HCR, lubricant coatings, primers, fluids, sheeting, and custom formulations. All products are manufactured in the Santa Paula, California facility and designed to meet FDA and ISO 10993 biocompatibility requirements within an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system.   www.appliedsilicone.com