3DT's next generation atmospheric plasma surface treating system is ready for release.

Germantown, WI, October, 2015. A next generation atmospheric plasma surface treating system from 3DT is ready for release. The improved PlasmaDyne continues 3DT’s tradition of effective cleaning and functionalizing of surfaces for longer-lasting bonds now includes state-of–the-art electronics and a user-friendly, lighter, smaller unit.

PlasmaDyne utilizes the technology of plasma discharge to safely optimize the surfaces of plastics, composites, rubber, glass, and metal while eliminating the need for expensive and toxic solvents. Atmospheric plasma treating alters the surface energy resulting in powerful bonding with adhesives, coatings, flocking, paint and ink. Designed to treat injection/blow-molded and extruded parts, this unit delivers uniform treatment to complex 3-dimensional shapes, treating areas from 3/8”and up. PlasmaDyne is customizable for varied applications.

Improvements to 3DT’s PlasmaDyne include an updated controller and output power stage that allows fully independent control of multiple plasma treatment heads, fault monitoring, an LCD display providing system feedback, user-selectable local or remote control function, expanded I/O capabilities, and a programmable timer for timed treatment operation. The new PlasmaDyne is a lighter, single unit providing ease of movement and integration into production lines.

Standard PlasmaDyne systems include one or two treatment heads, a compact steel cabinet, transformer, and a self-contained air supply system. The systems can be controlled either locally, as a self-contained treatment station, or integrated into a PLC control scheme. Additional options include four, six, or eight plasma treating heads, and a monochrome touch screen controller with status menus, fault alarms with troubleshooting help, system run time and service hour logging. PlasmaDyne is designed for quick application changes. It is environmentally friendly and safe by eliminating the need for toxic primers and solvents, reduced VOC emissions and is ozone-free. For more information about PlasmaDyne treating systems contact [email protected] or visit the website at www.3DTLLC.com

3DT LLC, is a leader in plasma and corona treating, offering a broad line of standard systems as well as custom systems. With 25 years of experience, 3DT provides solutions to adhesion problems that can treat virtually any 3- dimensional or 2-dimensional surface, regardless of shape, with superior adhesion results.