We have all too often heard, when asked for a leak specification, the reply “there must be no leak.” But what does that really mean? In this white paper, we will attempt to show that there is no such thing as “no leak,” but that leaks are a matter of degree that depend on a number of variables

Uson has released a new white paper which examines the Hagen-Poiseuille law and the effect of certain factors on the theory of leaks.

No manufacturer wants to deliver products to its customers that do not work as designed since warranty and loss of reputation are costly. However, if testing is not carried out at the correct leak tightness level it can be just as costly. Over testing requires unnecessary equipment and parts making it expensive and good parts may fail the leak test for no good reason. Similarly, under-testing, while not requiring complex test equipment will only find large leaks and allow intermediate leaks through to the customer with the usual warranty and reputation expenses.

The new white paper can be downloaded at http://www.uson.com/white-papers/ and joining Uson's literature club  - membership is free.