If you’re working on the latest and greatest invention, Smart Products is able to offer ultrasonic welding for applications that require custom-built products during the initial research and design phases. Ultrasonic welding assembles the inlet and outlet together through high frequency friction in a solid-state weld.

Benefits of ultrasonic welding include:

Speed. Ultrasonic welding is the quickest way to weld a valve. Once welded, the valve is instantly ready to use, which makes it much faster than conventional adhesives or solvents. Additionally, the pieces do not need to remain in a jig for long periods of time waiting for a joint to dry or cure.

Clean-cut. Again, this weld requires zero glue or other binders to join parts. The site of the weld is very precise and does not require touch ups to bond materials.

Withstands high stress environments. Putting a valve in a solid-state weld ensures it will not come a part in applications involving vibrations, torquing, etc.

Smart Products offers a variety of body materials that would be suitable for ultrasonic welding, and also found it to be especially useful in the medical and automotive industries.

If you have questions about whether or not ultrasonic welding is a great solution for your custom-made product, call a Product & Application Specialist at (800) 338-0404.