ORANGE, Calif., Feb 13, 2015 

Statek Corporation, the leader in the design and manufacture of highly reliable frequency control products, has expanded its family of CXOX oscillators to include the 32.768 kHz CXOXULP.  This 3.20 mm x 2.50 mm oscillator attains the ultra-low power consumption previously only available using a tuning-fork design, while providing the fast start-up, high-shock survivability, low jitter, and tight frequency stability of an AT-crystal design.

Comparison of Electrical Characteristics

Table 1 summarizes the typical electrical characteristics of the CXOXULP oscillator with a tuning fork oscillator.  As can be seen, the CXOXULP has far superior start-up time and shock survivability, while maintaining ultra-low power consumption.

Table 1—Typical electrical characteristics (3.3 V, 15 pF load, at 25 °C)



Tuning Fork Oscillator

Start-up Time

5 ms

200 ms


12 μA

2.8 μA

Period Jitter (rms)

30 ps

600 ps

Duty Cycle

50 %

51 %

Rise Time

2.5 ns

25 ns

Fall Time

2.1 ns

25 ns

Shock Survival

Up to 50,000 g

5,000 g


Please access the CXOXULP datasheet here.

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