Grass Valley, Ca - TriContinent Scientific Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Chemical Co., specializing in fluid handling products, announces the release of the C24000, High Resolution Syringe Pump for automated instrumentation

This addition to the TriContinent C-Series line of syringe pumps, with up to 192000 micro-steps per full stroke, specifically addresses the need for low-flow and minimal pulsation fluid handing. Precision and Accuracy are unparalleled from a few microliters up to 12.5 milliliters in single stroke dispenses.

The C24000 shares the same reliable design as the C3000. The C-Series syringe pumps utilize a proprietary high-efficiency, direct-drive design.  This design eliminates the use of belts, which often stretch and wear-out. The robust, self-lubricating drive mechanism has been life-tested to several million cycles with no maintenance required throughout its life.

Combining the TriContinent long-life valves with the C-Series syringe pumps will provide 24X the life over competitive offerings.

C-Series Syringe pumps provide standard communication protocols and mounting configurations used by other compact syringe pump designs, thereby eliminating expensive and time-consuming re-development.
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