GrassValley, Ca - TriContinent Scientific Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Chemical Co., specializing in fluid handling products, announces the release of Polymer shear valves with up to 27 times the life of competitive valves. Using proprietary processes and proven engineering polymers, these valves provide cost effective and unparalleled longevity in syringe pump applications.  When compared to ceramic alternatives, which are excessively priced and prone to seizing, TriContinent Rotary Shear valves are the best choice for most instrument applications. TriContinent has developed a variety of material and configuration options, which includes directly replaceable valves for Tecan XP® syringe pumps. With immediate availability and competitive pricing, TriContinent Rotary Shear valves are the clear choice for OEM’s and Lab Technicians worldwide who are looking for unsurpassed instrument “up-time,” lower service costs and increased customer satisfaction.

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