Streamlining testing process saves time and money.



SALT LAKE CITY – Sept. 22, 2010— As a microbiology lab, Nelson Labs ( typically isn’t the first option to come to mind when searching for a distribution and transportation package testing service provider; however, there are benefits to doing the testing at the same facility where sterility and other microbiology testing is performed. It saves time, money, and streamlines the overall process.

“Since some providers are choosing to no longer provide services to outside vendors, a few medical device manufacturers are even investigating the notion of taking the test in-house,” said Wendy Mach, Packaging Section Leader at Nelson Laboratories. “These changes can potentially cause confusion and delays as manufacturers strive to validate equipment and testing methods for the transportation and performance handling of their packaging in a timely manner.”

Manufacturers have many options available to validate their packaging testing to meet the distribution and transportation requirements of the ISO 11607 standard. Depending on the size of the company; these options can not only save money, but increase efficiencies in the overall testing process.

Some of the biggest factors to consider when making the determination of where to conduct testing include:

  • Remembering testing equipment is expensive and large. It isn’t cost effective for a small company to make the investment in the equipment necessary to perform testing. 
  • The amount of space needed to perform the tests and the expense to maintain the environment is significant, particularly for smaller companies.

Nelson Labs is able to conduct the tests in a controlled lab setting and simulate the actual environmental issues the package will face in transportation between the manufacturer and the end users. Nelson Labs can regulate temperature and humidity, perform significant drop testing, and other variables that the package will encounter as regulated by the ISTA and ASTM standards. By doing so, manufacturers have the same person managing their account from start to finish- providing a continuity of care, and peace of mind that your product is moving through the process efficiently and in a timely manner.

Nelson Laboratories believes in The Science of Success™. It’s looking beyond test results and partnering with clients to achieve long-term business goals.

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