Thermex-Thermatron is the leader in manufacturing Industrial RF Heat Sealing Equipment, Industrial Microwave Systems, and Industrial Thermal Press Sealing Systems, with over 75 years of expertise to help improve manufacturing quality and productivity, or to help address new production challenges. 

In recent years, the Thermex-Thermatron’s focus has been on serving the medical community by putting its RF heat sealing and thermal press sealing systems to important use.  Since 2012, the company’s medical industry business has increased more than tenfold.  The vast majority of this business is exported out the United States.


Each of Thermex-Thermatron’s systems are manufactured to exacting specifications - whether your company is producing blood or IV bags, cuffs, air or water mattresses, colostomy or enema bags, waste collection bags or many other medical products and devices.  Thermex-Thermatron can also provide PLC with PC interface control across all aspects of the system’s operation allowing the user to generate reports reflecting quality control and other compliance requirements.  The company has a full line of RF Heat Sealers/Welders and thermal presses, delivering maximum efficiency and speed at minimal operating costs.  Shuttles, turntables, sheet feeders, and cutting & sealing stations are just some of the customization options that can enhance your line’s capacity and productivity.  Thermex engineers are expert at turning your ideas into a sealing or welding station that will complement the rest of your process and provide the output you require. 

Thermex-Thermatron has built its business – and reputation – on the ability to custom design and engineer the right RF machine for the right job.  Their units are versatile, dependable, rugged and heavy duty; from the low friction presses to the powerful, efficient frequency stabilized generators.

The company’s parts availability and quick service response makes owning a Thermex-Thermatron system an even better investment. Manufacturers contact Thermex frequently for parts and service on all RF equipment – not just their own.


About Thermex Thermatron Systems

For over 80 years, Thermex-Thermatron Systems remains a trusted developer and manufacturer of Industrial RF, Industrial Microwave, and Industrial Presses, and a distributor for Traveling Welders, and Advanced Cutting Systems. The company also provides extensive services to help manufacturers throughout the world get the most from this technology. Please visit our website for more information at or our site dedicated to the medical industry,