Nordson MEDICAL Introduces New Bioprocessing Fitting that Simplifies Use and Assembly

Marlborough, Mass., USA - Nordson MEDICAL, a Nordson company (Nasdaq: NDSN), announced today that it has launched the patent-pending CYLINDRAFlow™ Manifold, the first all-in-one manifold for pharmaceutical and single-use biopharmaceutical fluid transfer applications. The revolutionary design of the compact fitting not only saves space, but also simplifies use and assembly.

"The CYLINDRAFlow™ Manifold was developed to improve convenience in handling pharmaceutical products," said Ken Davis, Nordson MEDICAL Global Product Line Manager – Biopharm. "It’s one of the most valuable developments to come along for the transfer and management of fluids, and also optimizes efficiency in manufacturing processes."

A key feature of the new fitting is its five outlet ports. The manifold can accommodate up to five fluid lines from its single inlet port, all in one component, eliminating the need to join together multiple fittings. The large push-to-turn flow selector is effortless to turn, and the lock-in-place feature and visual identification gives users assurance that they are utilizing the desired port.

The component provides a significant advancement for the bioprocessing industry, as a number of existing solutions find leak points where stopcocks and Y connectors are used. Ideal for downstream processing, multiple bags can easily be filled from one large bag. Optimally designed, flow is consistent as it travels around the inner body of the part, maintaining a steady pressure.

To help instrumentation and equipment manufacturers achieve the highest level of performance from their applications, the CYLINDRAFlow™ Manifold meets industry requirements and can also be daisy chained for additional ports. The etched data code provides easy access to product resources and material information.

The manifold is made from high-purity resin materials for use with aggressive chemicals found in most pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. The Gamma-stable polycarbonate adheres to USP Class VI and ISO 10993 criteria, offering broad biocompatibility.

The 600 Series barbs are designed for use with silicone and PVC tubing that can expand from 18% to 34% above its nominal ID to maintain a low profile and ease of assembly.

A leader in single-use supplement (SUS) components, Nordson MEDICAL empowers users with intuitive product designs. Products include clamps, sanitary fittings, bag ports, valves, gaskets, and quick connects. For bioprocessing OEMs, this enables more streamlined and simplified equipment processes.

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