Nitto Kohki’s VC0100 is characterised by its suitability for many varied applications. It is compact, lightweight, silent (35dB) and with a performance of 6 l/min at 40mbar, yet with a power consumption of only 6W it is becoming a very attractive solution for OEM’s.

Due to its low power consumption it has generated significant interest where low power consumption is important, e.g. in mobile fuel cells, portable sensor technologies, measurement applications and medical technology.

In addition to the standard VC0100 being available in different voltages, it is also available as specials: A pressure-only version with an internal air filter simplifying connections and minimising noise: A combined vacuum/pressure version specifically for vacuum applications, and finally if 6W is still too high there is a further power-optimized version with only 3,5 W power consumption!

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