New global center for device development brings together world-class engineering talent and vast, integrated capabilities to accelerate device development and innovation

Wayne, PA   Teleflex Medical OEM, a global leader in diagnostic and interventional catheters, announces the opening of its EPIC Medtec Center (Engineering, Prototyping, Innovation, Collaboration), in Limerick, Ireland. Teleflex Medical OEM has created an environment that enables higher levels of innovation and collaboration for the development of catheters. Working closely with customers, the EPIC Medtec team will focus on user needs, design for manufacturability, reducing technical risk, cost control, and accelerating speed to market.

Research indicates that 60% of a product’s cost is committed by the design phase. In order to contain these costs, the EPIC Medtec™ team will utilize a structured, nine-step process that includes quick-turn concept development, design for manufacturability, and demonstrative prototypes as aids to clarifying catheter concepts. Unique to Teleflex Medical OEM is a proprietary database of catheter design elements and their contributions to a device’s performance. Decisions on a new device’s attributes can be data-driven and performance tested to eliminate guesswork and extended periods of trial and error.

 The EPIC Medtec Center is a best-in-class facility that is an epicenter for innovative catheter design. The multi-level facility was designed from the ground up to foster open communication and exchange of ideas with customers. Branching out from a central core are concept development rooms where solutions are brainstormed, an engineering area for transforming ideas into products, a video conferencing center to promote efficient communication, and well-equipped laboratories for 3-D printing, demonstrative prototype development, and device testing.

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