WATERTOWN, MA: TechDevice Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of balloons, catheters and coil/guidewires for a variety of medical applications has broadened its balloon manufacturing capabilities

New Semi and Non-Compliant Balloon Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Featuring all types of resilient, high pressure materials and durometers including polyurethane, nylons, pebax, PE, EVA, and PET. 
  • Ideal for PTCA and PTA catheters, stent delivery systems, esophageal and endotrachial applications, as well as spine therapy.

Expanded Compliant Balloon Offerings

  • New stock compliant balloons program for new product development – large assortment, ready for immediate shipment
  • Custom compliant balloons – Yulex® natural rubber and latex for occlusion, thermodilution and stone retrieval applications.

For additional information, contact 617-972-5800 or [email protected].