Supply chain management (SCM) is one of the most critical services an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider offers. In a perfect world, the combination of good systems, good supply chain partners and internal expertise creates an efficient flow of material into a production system flexible enough to deal with variations in end market demand. However, 2021 represents a nightmare scenario for SCM teams. Chip manufacturing capacity is maxed out at a growing number of manufacturers, government restrictions related to COVID and utility utilization are further reducing chip making capacity, historical demand patterns are irrelevant, good suppliers are de-committing confirmed orders and the transportation industry is still at limited capacity. In short, EMS SCM teams are being tested like never before. Successfully addressing these challenges requires reimagining existing processes, tools and roles.

SigmaTron International’s SCM has been focusing on this creative realignment process for over a year, adjusting as situational variables continued to change. This whitepaper looks at four areas where this realignment has taken place:

  • Systems
  • Staff roles
  • Collaboration with customers
  • Supply chain.