The Pack Design Days are educational seminars held in Sterimed manufacturing premises, with attendees from the Medical Device Industry from various company sizes and coming from multiple locations.

Topics include

  • international standards regulating medical device packaging industry,
  • conditions of development & qualification of new packaging solutions (R&D, DOEs, Top to Bottom web performance) with business case examples
  • manufacturing conditions & quality test protocol for porous web manufacturing & converting
  • tour of manufacturing facility (web making, coating, printing, slitting, lab test equipment) for a better understanding of key properties & controls
Due to the success of the first events organized, and demand from some companies to organize a similar event closer from their manufacturing facilities to be able to bring more people in, an “offsite” version of the Pack Design Days has also been developed:
  • in Medical Device Industrial Clusters,
  • gathering people from quality, production, purchase and regulatory affairs of multiple companies in one single location
  • replacing onsite view of manufacturing processes with movies of test in labs and “live” demo of porous web making
The additional value-added of these seminars is the social part taking place in the evening, where people from very different backgrounds have a chance to meet and discuss altogether the

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