Delano, Minnesota: Sil-Pro has announced it’s expansion into Thermoplastic Injection Molding, which complements its existing focus on silicone molding, extrusion, assembly, mold design and mold building.

The new capability of thermoplastic molding of implantable and disposable medical device components complements Sil-Pro’s current silicone overmolding onto plastic components, as well as the additional value add services to the final assembly, including welding, testing, printing and packaging. Sil-Pro’s new electric hydraulic hybrid injection molding machines combine the accuracy and efficiency of high resolution servo drives and advanced hydraulic clamping design. Engineered to meet the increased demand for micro molded medical applications, these machines have injection speeds up to 1500 mm/sec (59 inches/sec), acceleration/deceleration of 2 milliseconds, and are capable of extreme injection pressures. These processing attributes minimize part variability on difficult geometries, not possible with other injection molding technologies.

These press capabilities are verified through the employment of Decoupled Molding Technology (SM). This further ensures that the product has been molded with the validated parameter settings.  Materials include liquid silicone rubber molding and advanced polymer molding of PE, LCP, PPS and Polycarbonate materials. The new molding systems also handle small injection units for “residence time” sensitive polymers such as PEEK, PLA, PGA, TPU and LCP high performance materials.

“Not only can we offer the world’s most accurate molding,” reports Brian Higgins, Sil-Pro Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “we increase productivity with significant cost reductions, giving customers the highest yields possible. Sil-Pro’s commitment to the latest technology is vital to our customers’ ever-changing needs.”

Sil-Pro is an ISO 9001:2000 certified contract manufacturer providing liquid silicone molding, gum stock molding, and bonding silicone parts to plastics, metal and other silicone parts using medical grade adhesives. Its services include in-house mold design and build, highly automated manufacturing, assembly, and quality verification.

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