The Sigma femtosecond laser stent and tube cutting system is designed for the precision laser micro cutting, laser micromachining and laser ablation of medical stents and tubes. High speed linear motors and the latest generation digital controller minimize tool path cycle time, femtosecond lasers provide zero burr cut edges and highest quality machined features and an operator orientated system design maximizes user ease and efficiency.  As part of the system delivery our application engineers can develop the process that is delivered with the system.

The Sigma femtosecond laser stent and tube cutting system can be configured for any femtosecond laser and any or multiple wavelengths. The flexible platform with up to 4 axes of motion and complete tooling options enables micro processing of 0.01 - 1” tube diameters.  The system control software interface and hardware layout provides for easy operator use for day in day out production including single screen user interface, 3 level password protection, excellent workspace access, quick open slide door, internal process area lighting, part capture and unload options, serviceable items on quick pull out drawers.

The femtosecond laser provides best-in-class laser micro cutting and micromachine feature quality achieved using a cold ablation cutting method to produce an unrivalled edge quality.  A no-burr edge  on any metal including nitinol can have a significant cost saving on down stream processes such as post processing.  With average powers now approaching tens of watts the cutting speed of femtosecond laser cutting is becoming competitive to fiber and Nd:YAG lasers for many stent and hypo tube laser micro cutting applications.  

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