Perkasie, Penna. – March, 11, 2014 – During the 18th annual Regenerative Medicine Workshop at Hilton Head, March 26-29, 2014, Secant Medical will display its new biomaterial resin, Regenerez™. Josh Simon, Ph. D, business development manager at the company, will be available during the event to discuss the inherent properties of Regenerez, a bioresorbable elastomer platform for regenerative medicine.

Jeremy Harris, Ph. D, technical director at Secant Medical, will present a poster about the 10-year academic success of poly(glycerol sebacate), from its investigated use in medical adhesives to cardiovascular grafts. Dr. Harris will also discuss the factors to consider when commercializing such a new biomaterial, including polymer characterization and process reproducibility.

“The Regenerative Medicine workshop at Hilton Head is a great opportunity for Secant Medical to highlight the features and benefits of Regenerez with key individuals in the tissue engineering arena,” said Dr. Simon. “The workshop will also allow us to expand our knowledge of this exciting field and discuss how our technology can impact the field of regenerative medicine.”

About Regenerative Medicine Workshop at Hilton Head: The 18th Annual workshop brings together the world's leaders in regenerative medicine with a focus on “Discovery-Driven, Transformative Research”. The 2014 meeting, which spans three days, has a powerhouse line-up of speakers in a breadth of topics in the regenerative medicine field. The intimate environment allows for ample discussion time with attending faculty, trainees, industry participants and exhibitors.

About Secant Medical: Secant Medical provides advanced biomaterials and biomedical textile structures to the medical device industry. We partner with clients to design, develop, and manufacture high-performance biomedical structures for applications in cardiovascular, neurovascular, orthopedic and general surgery. Built on a 70-year history, we’re committed to the future of regenerative medicine and actively engage in research partnerships to advance next-generation biomaterial technology into practical applications for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Secant Medical is a business unit of Fenner PLC, a worldwide leader in reinforced polymer engineering headquartered in Yorkshire, England. For more information, contact Maria Fontanazza at 215-257-8680 x2192 or [email protected]; or visit

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