Perkasie, Penna. – February 12, 2013- Secant Medical® has established a new lab to perform polymer synthesis and analytical characterization of polymers, biomaterials and fibers. The analytical and polymer synthesis lab boosts Secant Medical’s in-house services for clients and enhances its biomaterials research and development.

“The study of biomaterials is moving toward examining the interface between materials and biological systems. Our new lab affords us the ability to probe this interface,” said Dr. Jeremy Harris, R&D Lab Manager at Secant Medical.

Capabilities include scanning electron microscopy, elemental detection, infrared spectroscopy and imaging, UV/Vis spectrophotometry, melt-flow rheometry, differential scanning calorimetry, thermogravimetric analysis, and light microscopy.

“With this lab, Secant Medical has the tools to develop biomaterials, because it gives us a deeper understanding of the interaction of biomaterials, from their composition and interaction with cell biology to how they will ultimately impact device technology,” said Peter Gabriele, Director, Emerging Technology at Secant Medical. “Biomaterials are in themselves an emerging technology. We have to understand how they behave and perform beyond the mechanical analysis—we must understand the chemical analysis.”

The lab is fully operational and driven by a team of chemists, chemical engineers, microbiologists and biomaterial engineers. The real-time analysis of raw materials to finished goods provides a state-of-the-art approach to quality by addressing and solving material concerns with a more efficient turnaround time.


About Secant Medical: Secant Medical® designs and manufactures biomedical textiles and other structures for medical devices. Employing medical fabric engineering technologies, we blend polymeric, metallic and resorbable biomaterials to create custom, high-performance structures that are used in the cardiovascular, general surgery, neurovascular, orthopedic and regenerative medicine fields. Built on a 70-year history, we’re committed to the future of biomaterials and their role in the healing process and are actively engaged in research partnerships to advance next-generation biomaterial development. Secant Medical is a business unit of Fenner PLC, a worldwide leader in reinforced polymer engineering headquartered in Yorkshire, England. For more information, contact Maria Fontanazza at 215-257-8680 x2192 or [email protected]; or visit

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