Perkasie, Penna. – Sept 5, 2012- Peter Gabriele, Director of Emerging Technology at Secant Medical, Inc., will present “Application Challenges in Biomedical Polymer Thermal Processing” at the MedTech Polymers Conference on September 11th at 2:00 p.m. in Chicago, Illinois.

The presentation will highlight the engineering, FDA limitations and potential solutions to thermal processing of bioactive polymer materials to construct a functional system at a time when active implant materials are expected to play a proactive role in the healing process.  Biomedical polymers are active in situ materials used for regenerative medicine, drug delivery and numerous mechanically dynamic environments.  As such, they are playing an increasing role in implantable devices.

“I am looking forward to the MedTech Polymers Conference. This presentation is extremely important to anyone processing polymers for medical applications because it is essential to understand the structure-process-property interplay of bio-applied chemistry,” said Peter Gabriele.  “At Secant Medical, we understand the need to explore emerging biopolymer materials science and processing combined with medical textiles design and the resulting impact on precision-engineered textile structure technologies that enable our clients to develop enhanced functionality in existing or new therapy applications.”

About Secant Medical:
Secant Medical®,Inc. is an innovator in the biomedical textile industry that specializes in custom-developed biomedical textile structures for medical devices and helping clients meet challenges to bringing sustainable device solutions to market. Using constantly evolving advanced polymeric, metallic and resorbable biomaterials, the company designs high-performance implantable textile structures that enable client innovation in orthopedic, cardiovascular, tissue-engineered, neurovascular and general surgery devices. Secant Medical is a business unit of Fenner PLC, a worldwide leader in reinforced polymer engineering headquartered in Yorkshire, England. For more information, contact Joannie Anthony at 215-257-8680 x1199 or [email protected], or visit


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