Perkasie, Penna. October 9, 2012 – “Getting to the Holy Grail: Intelligent Design for Small Bore Vascular Scaffolds” will be presented by Peter D. Gabriele, Director of Emerging Technology, Secant Medical, Inc., at the MedTech Cardio Conference in Minneapolis, MN October 30 at 4:00 pm.

Gabriele will discuss the anatomical constraints in scaffold design, role of biomaterials in biomedical engineering, and biomedical textile architectural design of small bore vessels.  He will explore why nature chose certain materials as its building blocks for the body’s organs and how bio-inspired scaffold material selection directs the development of tissue-engineered vascular scaffolds.

The presentation provides an overview of material compatibility and the interaction at the cellular level that impacts the human regenerative and healing process.  Gabriele will delve into the biology of cellular processes and how the active or inert implanted device materials influence each process.  He will assess the role intelligent fiber design, including architecture and spatially resolved composition, can play in device implant strategy.

 “Designers need to fully understand the nuances of biocompatible materials as the building blocks for scaffold design. If they are carefully considered early in the development process, they can significantly impact the success of a project,” said Gabriele.  “This conference affords us the opportunity to discuss the challenges of device design with a focus on biomaterial compatibility and its resulting impact on the body’s healing process.”

The MedTech Cardio Conference participants will include thought leaders sharing knowledge and providing guidance on cardiovascular device development.  Attendees are invited to “session hop” to the Medical Design & Manufacturing Conference running concurrently at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

About Secant Medical:
Secant Medical®, Inc. is an innovator in the biomedical textile industry that specializes in custom-developed biomedical textile structures for medical devices and helping clients meet challenges to bringing sustainable device solutions to market. Using constantly evolving advanced polymeric, metallic and resorbable biomaterials, the company designs high-performance implantable textile structures that enable client innovation in orthopedic, cardiovascular, tissue-engineered, neurovascular and general surgery devices. Secant Medical is a business unit of Fenner PLC, a worldwide leader in reinforced polymer engineering headquartered in Yorkshire, England. For more information, contact Joannie Anthony at 215-257-8680 x1199 or [email protected], or visit

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