RJG has a long history of helping medical injection molders improve quality and develop robust processes.  We currently work with some of the largest and most successful device manufacturers, as well as their molding suppliers.

A large percentage of medical molders spend far too much time and money on achieving process validation.  RJG has the knowledge and tools to help. Our Systematic MoldingSM training helps medical molders simplify their validation protocols using scientific techniques.  This provides greater quality to the customer, and reduces costs by teaching how to validate the right things.

Universal setup sheets greatly reduce the cost of revalidation when transferring molds to new machines or locations.  By using machine independent process variables, the OQ can be eliminated in many cases.  This reduces validation costs by making it easier to move molds from press to press. RJG’s eDART System™ simplifies the task of moving molds by providing machine independent process set-up information needed to establish a robust process, and can create a template that moves with the mold to ensure the same process is set up at the new location.

Once processes are validated, medical molders need to make sure ALL their processes are set up using the VALIDATED setup.  When eDART’s are installed on a network in conjunction with the Advanced System Overview, plant managers can see at a glance which processes are set up correctly.  The eDART also provides valuable historical data for EVERY SHOT produced.  If problems arise later, this data can be critical to identifying root causes, or to proving the problem wasn’t your fault.  Finally, RJG’s cavity pressure and cavity temperature sensors provide the greatest assurance of part quality for critical or difficult applications.