The Supervisory Board of the medical technology manufacturer Raumedic now has a new composition

Jun 13, 2018

Helmbrechts – By resolution of the Annual General Meeting of May 17, the Supervisory Board of the medical technology manufacturer Raumedic now has a new composition. Previous Chairman Dr. Reinhard Schick and Board Member Dr. Marc Kohler, both of whom served on the Supervisory Board for many years, have resigned. Jürgen Werner has now taken over the chairmanship and will work closely with the newly appointed members Dr. Ulrich Günther and Thomas Wälti.

New members bring along expert knowledge

Jürgen Werner is a member of the extended Group Management at the Raumedic sister company Rehau AG & Co. and has accompanied the Helmbrechts-based corporation for many years. The new Chairman has known Raumedic since its founding: Already in 2004, Werner was appointed to Raumedic AG's Supervisory Board.

Dr. Ulrich Günther looks back on a successful career as a member of the Regional Executive Board and Head of Operations Central Europe at Rehau. Thomas Wälti works as a certified accountant in a leading role in the Rehau Group Center in Switzerland.

Acknowledgment to former Supervisory Board

Martin Bayer, Chairman of the Raumedic Group, thanks the members who are departing: “Dr. Schick played a major part in our company’s spin-off from Rehau AG & Co. in 2004. In addition, he was always on hand to advise us on the expansion of our production and office space in Germany and abroad.” With his expertise and approachability, Dr. Kohler, Commercial Director of a Swiss hospital group, helped Raumedic make tremendous strides forward, added Bayer. “We’re grateful for the boosts of inspiration they’ve given the company over the years.”

Martin Schenkel, who has been a member of Raumedic AG’s Executive Board since February 2018, is also pleased with the past working relationship. At the same time, he looks to the future: “We see our new Supervisory Board as a sparring partner that brings along experience and expertise. Therefore, we are convinced that it will successfully accompany Raumedic on its further growth course.”

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