Ranfac Corporation, a leading supplier of precision medical instruments, has developed a Removable Handle to be used with its bone access needles. The innovation is designed to enhance user control during minimally invasive procedures that utilize fluoroscopic guidance such as treatment for vertebral compression fractures.


Avon, Mass. - June, 2012 - Ranfac Corp., a vertically integrated medical device manufacturer, has released its Removable Handle. Configured to improve precision and performance during needle positioning and withdrawal, the Removable Handle provides better visibility and accuracy while under fluoroscopic guidance since it eliminates obstructed vision previously caused by the needle’s handle.

The technology uses a specially designed “door” on the needle’s handle, which may be opened after the needle has been introduced to the body and the stylet has been removed. By opening a “door” on the handle, the handle becomes detachable from the cannula. The handle can be quickly replaced as well by closing the “door”. A distinguishable clicking noise will be heard when the “door” is opened and when it is closed.

Ranfac bone access needles are fully customizable and can be ordered in a full range of sizes and with diameters ranging from 8 gauge through 16 gauge with many readily available in stock.

Other available customization options for Ranfac Access Needles include:

• “Snap fit” cannula and stylets are available to work with custom handle configurations.

• Multiple bone penetrating designs are offered, including bevel, spade, and trocar tips to help facilitate cortical penetration.

• Ports can be added on the cannula.

• Ratcheting technology is available


About Ranfac Corporation

Founded in 1888, Ranfac Corporation is headquartered in Avon, Mass., and distributes nationally and internationally. Ranfac manufactures all of its products under one roof in a 40,000 square foot facility. The vertically integrated manufacturing process makes customization quick and easy. Ranfac’s quality management system is certified to ISO 13485:2003 and EEC directive 93/42, and is compliant with FDA, cGMP/QSR, AQL sampling and SPC.


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