Manufacturer Expands Clamping Force

Macomb, Michigan – January 24, 2014– Customer Driven –Listening to their customers’ needs for larger clamping forces prompts PTI Engineered Plastics to acquire the Maruka FCS. This model is one of the most energy efficient hydraulic machines in the industry and offers up to 70% power savings over a conventional hydraulic system. 

The new Maruka FCS has a Servo driven hydraulic pump system which makes it more “green” compared to a standard hydraulic machine. The Servo power pack controls the injection and clamp movements with one servo motor as compared to multiple servo motors with a full electric machine. 

The Servo motor driven press will provide almost 2x faster response time than a standard hydraulic system which results in higher part quality, repeatability and precision as well as faster more consistent cycle times.According to Karl Staffhorst, Plant Manager, our injection molding machine capabilities will now cover a range from 12-ton to 660-ton clamping forces and shot sizes from .33 to 98 ounces.

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