PTI Turns Up the Heat

Macomb, Michigan – May 22, 2014 – PTI will be offering their customers a high-heat molding process commonly used with plastic resins like PEEK. This new molding cell has two injection molding machines outfitted for handling high process temperatures as high as 850° F and mold temperatures in excess of 460° F. According to Mark Rathbone, CEO, we see a demand for products requiring this material for medical devices, electronics and small automotive parts. The high-heat molding cell will accommodate six to eight machines over the next several years.

PTI has purchased two machines for the cell, a 35 and 55 ton, with 90 and 150 ton joining the lineup soon. These machines are customized to handle the extreme temperatures of high-heat molding. This new molding cell is featured inside PTI’s manufacturing operation and can be viewed through a protective glass wall.

For safety, the area is segregated and requires special access cards to enter the inner operations. Only trained employees and molding technicians with specialized clothing and safety equipment will be allowed to enter. Safety of the PTI staff was the centerpiece of this new molding cell.

PTI says their target customer will be short to medium volume manufacturing 5,000 to 150,000 pieces.


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PTI Engineered Plastics, Inc. is a custom plastic injection molder and manufacturer serving the medical, aerospace/defense, automotive, electronics and consumer products industries. Utilizing innovative technology PTI specializes in complex, low-volume production with extensive capabilities in design, tooling, and manufacturing systems.
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