Medi-flo is a revolutionary hand wash station combining a medical basin and water dispensing system to help fight the spread of infection in clinical settings.

Franke Kindred Canada has created a healthcare sink that integrates cutting edge disinfecting technology to help combat poor hand hygiene methods and biofilms on the sink and in traps. Medi-flo™ is the industry’s first sink with a laminar flow chamber.This Franke Commercial Medi-flo hand hygiene sink limits patient, staff and visitor exposure to potential infection by hospital acquired infections (HAI’s), and meets and exceeds the most stringent of safety standards. Medi-flo infuses water with ozone and other mixed oxidants generated on demand, keeping hands and the sink and waste free of bacteria and pathogens.Ozone is one of the world's most powerful disinfectants. It’s twice as effective as bleach and kills bacteria 3,000 times faster. It’s the ideal non-toxic, eco-friendly solution. These astounding properties result in a fixture that is self-cleaning and a hand washing method that does not require soap. Medi-flo’s white MIRANIT material is non-porous with a less clinical design aesthetic. It incorporates free draining, smooth curves and features an integral rib to further direct water flow into the open drain.Now available for ordering through your local wholesale location as model HWSS2321W-00. Visit our YouTube channel to watch the video.