Preco opens a Polymer Clean Slitting (PCS) Center in their Somerset, WI facility.

February 10, 2014, Somerset, WI - Addressing the growing demand for precision slit polymers, optical films, composite laminates, and other precision coated substrates, Preco has opened a Polymer Clean Slitting (PCS) Center in their Somerset, WI facility.  The PCS Center provides toll converting of master rolls in a work center specifically designed to provide debris free slit rolls.  This slitting enhancement is achieved by controlling work center variables, employing non-contact slitting, and facilitating stringent roll handling protocols.  Preco’s integrated approach to Polymer Clean Slitting delivers substantial improvements over mechanical slitting.  This solution provides a converting platform that eliminates ‘angel hair’ (slivering) of particulates and reduces contaminates that scratch high value materials in downstream processes.  In addition to developing this proprietary process, significant effort has been made to provide specific equipment in conjunction with a clean work environment that incorporates HEPA filter air handling.

David Johnson, Preco’s Key Account Manager responsible for PCS Center sales provides key background on this process when he states “Clean slitting of master rolls of high value materials was a recurring market need expressed by my customer base.  Mechanical slitting causes poor yield due to debris generation typically caused by mechanical slitting, dull slitting knifes, mechanical stresses induced by the knifes, and cross contamination debris caused by non-dedicated slitting equipment.  Our market analysis indicated strong interest in the PCS Center and as a result we have multiple programs lined-up prior to our opening to take advantage of this proprietary process.  We have expectations of improving our customer’s yields 50% in some cases with the results we have been able to generate to date.”

Randy Schuster, Preco’s Chief Operating Officer stated “Based on the market interest and commitment we were experiencing from our customer base, it became apparent Preco’s investment in the PCS Center would greatly benefit our customers by improving their product quality and material yields.  The scope of this center fits well with Preco’s primary focus’ of contract manufacturing, web handling, laser processing, and clean room operation, along with a seasoned staff of applications engineers that thoroughly understand and can support the Polymer Clean Slitting process.  It was important that we take a leadership position in this segment of the contract slitting market.”

Our Polymer Clean Slitting Center (PCS) was successfully introduced at the recent Flexible Conference & Exhibition, February 3 – 6, 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona.  The market demand for this service was evident by the strong interest expressed at this show for this process.  The Flexible Conference is organized yearly by the Flex Tech Alliance for Display & Flexible, Printed Electronics.

Preco, among other things, is a premier contract manufacturer with over 35 years’ experience in advanced laser processing techniques.  Preco has grown to be one of the largest laser contract manufacturing operations in the US with over 100,000 ft2 of floor space dedicated to contract production in an ISO 9001:2008 environment. Preco, known as theglobal leader for laser processing and die cutting solutions, uniquely provides manufacturers with a comprehensive offering of products and services. 


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