Denver, Pa. -- Precision Medical Products, Inc., takes cleanrooms seriously. When their state-of-the-art facility was constructed, they built their cleanrooms with a five-step clean build protocol. They followed strict guidelines to insure cleanliness from the start to the completion of construction.

Medical devices requiring an ISO clean room certified environment are manufactured at Precision Medical Products. In addition their extensive certified cleanroom manufacturing area, Precision Medical Products is also capable of clean injection molding in certified mobile softwall capable of Class Fed. Std. 10,000 or ISO Class 7 environment. Precision Medical Products manufacturing facilities include environmentally controlled and monitored assembly and packaging areas to meet various clean room requirements, as well as a monitored Reverse Osmosis; pyrogen- free water system to meet the washing requirements of components and assembled products.

“We can provide solutions to our customers that allow them to have finished devices ready to go to market, complete with sterile packaging. Other times the device goes from being manufactured at Precision Medical Products right to the pharmaceutical filling line,” explained George Weaver, vice president of marketing. “We manufacture devices and needles for cardiovascular, orthopedic, dental, drug delivery, ophthalmology, and general hospital use to name a few. Our latest capability, a patent-pending process of simulation molding of plastic to thin film, has various applications. Precision Medical Products houses the most OEM manufacturer technology under one roof, including ISO:13485 certified cleanrooms,” he explained.

Precision Medical Products, Inc. represents over 50 years of experience manufacturing, assembling and packaging medical devices incorporating a variety of metalworking, plastic molding technologies, laser engraving, ultrasonic welding, subassembly of electronics and temperature controlled calibration, for the leading pharmaceutical and medical device suppliers worldwide. Visit

Note to Editor: We may have a customer story to share in conjunction with our cleanroom capabilities. PMP molded a new device for a pharmaceutical company in a class 10,000 environment , provided sub assembly and transported containers to a packaging area that also had a class 10,000 environment. It was a start to finish success story. We will need to get customer approval to share the company name.