With access to proactively built and readily available fabric samples, our device engineers can shorten lead times, limit development costs, and deliver a prototype in just a few weeks. In turn, you gain more customization and fabric modification throughout the product development process to meet new and emerging market needs.


· Bone anchors

· Bone containment bags

· High-strength sutures

· Scaffolds for load-sharing

· Scaffolds for soft tissue repair

· Synthetic ligaments

· Tethers

Soft Tissue Repair

· Flexible, high-strength tethers and scaffolds

· Knot-less fixation components

· Suture anchor repair system components

· Suture tapes

· Synthetic ligaments


· Dynamic stabilization

· Spinal fusion scaffolds

· Flexible, low-profile pedicle fixation


· Bone void scaffolding component

· Reconstruction mesh components

· Regenerative scaffolds