Orchid Orthopedic Solutions, a leading supplier and technology provider for the orthopedic industry, expanded operations for cleaning and packaging to their facility in Southfield, Michigan.

“We are excited to expand this capability and streamline the process for our customers,” said Matt Burba, Executive Vice President. “We are able to take a product from concept all the way through delivery, and this will add value to the manufacturing process.”

Orchid has assembled a team of Packaging and Quality professionals. “We have the competence, confidence and experience,” Burba said. “We have recognized this as an area that we need to invest in and we want to stay ahead of the curve in terms of validation.”

Wanda Colon-Rivera has been named Packaging Manager. In her previous positions, Wanda managed several aspects of new product development including product design validation and verification, clinical trials, packaging validations, process validations and quality and regulatory requirements including labeling.

“We are excited that Wanda has accepted this role and know that with her proven track record of success, dedication and knowledge the sterile packaging operations, we will be in good hands,” said Bob Naumann, General Manager of Orchid Bio-Coat.

Orchid’s cleanroom capabilities include: product cleaning and assembly conducted within an ISO class 7 controlled environment room (both fixed and portable); product packaging including pouch or blister sealing, boxing, labeling and shrink-wrapping; and additional services that produce a product ready for sterilization.