KNF Neuberger announces the launch of new NFB 100 diaphragm liquid pump.

Trenton, NJ – July 7, 2014 – KNF Neuberger announces the launch of new NFB 100 diaphragm liquid pump, which boasts two pump heads driven by one motor. In parallel connection mode, the alternating operation of the pump heads results in smooth and level flow, reducing the need for additional dampening components for systems sensitive to pulsation. Operating in the individual mode, two different liquids can be transferred simultaneously by one unit, eliminating the need for a second pump. As a result, both modes offer cost-saving potential.

The NFB 100 pump delivers volumes to 2.6 L/min at a permissible pressure of 14.5 psig. With its adjustable brushless DC motor, the pump’s flow rate can be regulated and matched to the parameters of the customer’s system for quicker design integration and optimized pump performance. The compact design of NFB 100 also provides great installation and application flexibility, as it requires less space than two single-headed pumps.

Using KNF’s well-proven diaphragm technology, fluids are gently transported, making the NFB 100 ideal for use with sensitive fluids. Diaphragm pumps are also self-priming and can safely run dry. With diaphragm technology, there is also no contamination from particles shed through abrasion, unlike, for example, with gear pumps. Furthermore, the NFB 100 is available with chemically-resistant flow path materials. The result is a maintenance-free pump with long service life.

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