A room temperature-curable silicone coating reduces friction.

Carpinteria, California, Feb. 2, 2012 —NuSil Technology LLC (http://www.nusil.com), a leading formulator and manufacturer of silicone compounds for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, announces the release of MED-6671, a room temperature curable coating that significantly decreases the coefficient of friction of a cured silicone surface.

NuSil designed MED-6671 to overcome obstacles in applications in which silicones come in contact with each other, such as precision molded parts, molded rubber stoppers or O-rings. Silicone elastomers inherently have a high degree of surface tack and a tendency for blocking (sticking to themselves by virtue of chemical affinity), which may cause problems in applications in which these materials come in contact with each other or other surfaces.

MED-6671 is a one-part silicone coating with a low coefficient of friction dispersed in tert-butyl acetate. Once cured, the coating chemically bonds to the silicone elastomer substrate, mimicking its mechanical properties. The result is a smooth finish with a durable, yet flexible coating that resists abrasion from moving, sliding and rubbing parts.

“By chemically bonding to the substrate and resisting abrasion, MED-6671 not only minimizes friction but also prevents the accumulation of dust and foreign debris,” said Brian Nash, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

MED-6671 is designated unrestricted and may be considered for long-term implant applications of 29 days or longer. A Master Access File will be filed with the U.S. FDA.

For more information, please contact NuSil at +1 805-684-8780 or visit http://www.nusil.com/products/healthcare/unrestricted/index.aspx.



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