Two new thermally conductive silicones offer a variety of performance factors for thermal management challenges in medical devices.



Carpinteria, California, January 13, 2010 — NuSil Technology LLC, the global leader in silicone materials for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, introduces two thermally conductive healthcare silicone elastomers. These elastomers can be used as a cure-in-place adhesive or potting compound between electrical/electric components and heat sinks as part of a thermal management regime to keep medical devices operating at their optimal levels.

MED-2980 and MED-2955 are able to wet out on a variety of substrates to ensure excellent contact between uneven surfaces. The low modulus characteristic of these elastomers ensures that, during operational thermal cycling, the bond line will not warp or break sensitive electronic components.

MED-2980, a versatile 1.6 W/(mK) thermally conductive silicone, is available in a two-part configuration and is excellent for larger devices. MED-2955 is designed to have low volatility and low ionic content for more sensitive electronic devices or processes. The low volatility makes MED-2955 an excellent choice for processing environments in which high heat and/or vacuum conditions require minimal contamination on adjacent parts. It is also ideal for hermetically or near hermetically sealed environments in which low volatility is required. MED- 2955 provides a thin bond line and low thermal resistance with a bulk thermal conductivity of 0.63 W/mK. Both the MED-2955 and MED-2980 can be cured at low temperatures or be heat accelerated and are non-cytotoxic.

“Miniaturization of electronic packages in medical devices has led to using thinner and more fragile materials, and the medical device industry has many challenges due to the risks involved,” said Brian Nash, Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “By formulating adhesives such as these, we are applying our years of expertise in the regulatory environment, as well as designing advanced -more- NuSil Technology Adds New Temporary Adhesives to Drug Delivery Silicone Line silicones for electronics, to fully support companies operating in this exciting, yet challenging, industry.”

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