West’s NovaGuard SA Pro safety system helps protect healthcare workers and patients from accidental needlestick injury. The NovaGuard SA Pro system can be deployed using a single-handed technique and was designed to prevent pre-activation during handling. The system is compatible with ISO 0.5mL standard and 1mL long glass staked needle syringes and is transparent for ease of drug inspection and delivery. Furthermore, the device design facilitates easy assembly of a glass pre-filled syringe with very minimal change parts and changeover time to existing assembly equipment.

-Designed to prevent pre-activation during handling

-Tamper resistant function
-Transparent for drug inspection and labeling
-Ease of use assembly
-Compatible with standard plunger rods

Designed for:
-Single use
-Use with prefilled ISO 0.5mL standard glass syringes and 1mL long glass staked needle syringes

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