Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)

The sensor in the NLS-The sensor in the NLS-FM431 automatically adjusts the supplementary lighting duration based on the light reflected off barcode.

Highly Visible Laser Aimer
The NLS-FM431 provides a laser-generated crosshair aiming pattern that is clear and bright even in bright sunlight, ensuring first time accurate aim.

IP54-sealed Housing
The NLS-FM431 is environmentally sealed to an IP54 rating to prevent dust, moisture and other contaminant from entering it.

IR/Light Triggers
The combination of IR sensor and light sensor exhibits an improved sensitivity in activating the scanner to scan barcodes as they are presented, to achieve higher throughput and productivity

Improved Motion Tolerance
NLS-FM431 can capture and decode the barcode in motion up to 2m/s.

Unmatched Reading Performance
Armed with Newland’s fifth-generation of technology, the NLS-FM431 is capable of reading 1D as well as high-volume 2D barcodes on the screen covered with protective film.

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