Sandvik Palm Coast (SPC) is pleased offer single, dual, and multi-conductor configurations of Ni alloys for use as lead wires for thermistors and related sensing devices.  These “next generation” Nickel based leads offer the latest in precision coating technologies for applications in a wide variety of industries, the most prominent being temperature sensing devices. SPC offers  solderable and strippable polymer coatings solutions.  depending on the specific  product needs of the enquiring  original equipment manufacturer. (OEM)

SPC is a make-to-order manufacturer with complete flexibility to offer the OEM product in the configuration required to resolve any current issues and/or participate in the ongoing product development process.  Through providing complete engineering support in the product development process SPC enhances the value of the product supplied with the engineering support provided.  

Offering consistent, reliable coatings with proven dielectric strength,  SPC’s new nickel leads offer the sensor manufacturer a wide range coating thicknesses required for the specific application.  Precision thickness control, consistent uniform thickness and concentricity are achieved with unique proprietary coating processes.