24-24 April 2023
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Toray Industries, Inc.
/ 06 Nov, 2019
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TORAY TOYOLAC® Transparent ABS Resin Is Ideal For Molding Medical Heat And Moisture Exchangers

Heat Moisture Exchangers (HMEs) are medical devices used in mechanically ventilated patients. HMEs reduce mucus production and coughing by humidifying and filtering the air breathed through a stoma. Tracheostomy humidification is vital to maintain thin secretions and prevent mucous plugs. For differing respiratory requirements, there are many model HME designs available.

To ensure that HMEs operate reliably and enhance respiratory therapy, the material used in molding them is critical. Toyolac® Transparent ABS Resin, a unique and patented polymer formulated by Toray, Industries Inc., has been proven to be a superior choice for molders of these Heat and Moisture Exchangers. Here's why:

Toyolac® is a well-balanced resin and a FDA Drug Master File registered material. It is USP Class 6 tested and meets ISO 10993 for biocompatibility. Specific tests include -4 for blood interactions, -5 for in vitro cytoxicity, -10 for irritation and skin sensitization and -11 for systemic cytotoxicity. (Toyolac® does not contain bisphenol-A, an industrial chemical commonly used to make plastics which through exposure can cause health problems.)


With robust resistance to lipids, alcohol and cleaning agents, Toyolac® produced HMEs provide a patient considerate, long-lasting clear plastic design. The material has structural strength and stiffness and is resistant to scratching.  Most important, the material has a stable quality and enables long-term adoption because of Toray's no change “Production Methods”, no change “Formulations” and no change “Test Methods/Equipment” policy ensuring long term stability for manufacturers and regulatory requirements.

From an injection molding standpoint, Toyolac® produced HMEs also have many advantages. The material requires lower molding temperatures and lower pressure requirements compared to polycarbonate materials. Using Toyolac® resin, injection molders can achieve more mold cavitation with easier flowability of the resin at lower temperatures. Lower operating cylinder temperatures ranging from 210°C to 260°C provides smoother resin flow, increased cycle times with decreased part flash. Toyolac®'s excellent flow capabilities allows molding of thin-walled part features. Also, with these lower operating temperatures, Toyolac provides less tooling wear, decreased downtime and overall longer mold life.

From a value-added standpoint, Toyolac® is easy to machine, glue and print with excellent solvent adhesive properties to meet multiple component assembly requirements.

Toyolac® ABS Resin is globally proven for medical applications in liquid-contact devices other than implants. Now available to North American Medical OEM's, Toyolac® is a superior, low cost option for improved HME design and manufacture.  Toyolac®'s manufacturer, Toray, was the first manufacturer and is the world's largest manufacturer of transparent ABS resin.  Toray is a global leader in polymer chemistry, organic synthetic chemistry and biotechnology. The company now provides expanded sales to North American medical OEM's along with expert customer support for improved HME product development and manufacturing.

For more information about TOYOLAC® Transparent ABS Resin, call 612-979-0613 to learn more. Or Email: [email protected]   www.toray.us Toray Industries, Inc., 461 Fifth Ave, 9th Fl., New York NY 10017

About Toray

Toray Industries, Inc., is a world class, global, integrated, chemical industry group with businesses in 26 countries and markets worldwide. In 2018, Toray's sales exceeded $22 Billion and employed over 45,000 people worldwide. Toray combines nanotechnology with its core technologies of organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry and biotechnology. These advanced basic materials technologies are applied to develop products in the chemicals, plastics, films, fibers, textiles, composites, pharmaceuticals and medical market segments. Toray's "Innovation by Chemistry" is applied in the medical market to create unique materials that benefit cutting edge products and provide more effective treatments at lower cost and less risk than current products.

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