24-24 April 2023
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10 Jan, 2023 /
Qosina introduces Irradiate to Order service for single-use bioprocess components
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Life Science Outsourcing, Inc.
Life Science Outsourcing Completes Acquisition of J-Pac Medical
Expands into biomaterials and diagnostics end-markets, broadens service offerings, and s...
04 Jan, 2023 /
Qosina introduces AseptiQuik® G DC Series Connectors
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17 Nov, 2022 /
PTI Engineered Plastics, Inc.
PTI Engineered Plastics Receives MedAccred® Plastics Continuing Accreditation
PTI Engineered Plastics recognized for its commitment to continual improvement in medica...
Scapa Healthcare
/ 29 Jan, 2018
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Scapa Healthcare Introduces Low Trauma Hydrocolloid Adhesive for Sensitive Skin Applications

Scapa Healthcare, a leading strategic outsource partner of skin friendly turn-key solutions, today announced the availability of Scapa Soft-Pro® Low Trauma Hydrocolloid, a proprietary, gentle adhesive with repositionable properties for sensitive skin applications. This latest addition to the extensive Scapa Soft-Pro® portfolio of skin contact adhesives is suitable for medical device fixation, advanced wound care and consumer wellness applications for those with fragile skin. It is ideal for a full spectrum of users ranging from pediatric and neonatal to geriatric populations. Scapa's Soft-Pro® Low Trauma Hydrocolloid utilizes a unique formulation that flows with the skin to prevent discomfort and damage, while remaining securely fixed. It is biocompatible, latex free and gamma stable.  The adhesive is both breathable and absorbent, allowing it to manage normal skin perspiration for multi-day wear times. The low trauma hydrocolloid can be gently lifted and reapplied without pulling body hair, leaves little to no residue, and is easily repositionable while maintaining strong securement on the skin.

 “As a leader in skin friendly adhesive solutions, we continually strive to develop innovative products that provide superior functionality to meet end-user needs,” said Michael Muchin, Scapa Healthcare's VP of Product Development. “We understand the complexities of the skin as it changes with age. Scapa Soft-Pro® Low Trauma Hydrocolloid is the optimal choice for users with fragile skin – such as newborns and the elderly – that require a repositionable adhesive with secure fixation capabilities.”

About Scapa Healthcare

Scapa Healthcare is a global strategic outsource partner of skin friendly turn-key solutions for advanced wound care, consumer wellness and medical device fixation markets. Scapa Healthcare partners with market leaders to design, develop, manufacture and commercialize innovative skin contact solutions to meet end-user needs. For more information, visit: www.scapahealthcare.com

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