24-24 April 2023
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10 Jan, 2023 /
Qosina introduces Irradiate to Order service for single-use bioprocess components
Qosina introduces an Irradiate to Order service for its single-use bioprocess component ...
09 Jan, 2023 /
Qosina Announces Partnership with ILC Dover and Expanded Portfolio of Liquid Bag Chambers
Qosina announces a partnership with ILC Dover, a leader in the innovative design and pro...
05 Jan, 2023 /
Life Science Outsourcing, Inc.
Life Science Outsourcing Completes Acquisition of J-Pac Medical
Expands into biomaterials and diagnostics end-markets, broadens service offerings, and s...
04 Jan, 2023 /
Qosina introduces AseptiQuik® G DC Series Connectors
Qosina announces the addition of the AseptiQuik® G DC Series connectors to its extensiv...
17 Nov, 2022 /
PTI Engineered Plastics, Inc.
PTI Engineered Plastics Receives MedAccred® Plastics Continuing Accreditation
PTI Engineered Plastics recognized for its commitment to continual improvement in medica...
Lumenous Device Technologies
/ 16 Sep, 2020
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Lumenous Now Offers Protective Gowns for the Workforces of Medical Device Companies

Lumenous now offers protective gowns for the workforces of medical device companies. The company started gown production in March, facilitating a volunteer ‘sewing army' (donating gowns) and transitioned with reopening to industrial production.

The gowns are made from NATO's best water-repellent active wear fabric for field duty in bio/chem warfare situations, reported Todd Dickson, president of Lumenous. “Synthetic-natural fiber blend is super water-repellent but breathable for comfort all day,” he stated. “They are durable, reusable (washable), made in the US, sized to fit...comfort is protection.”

Lumenous continues to support a volunteer effort and is continuing to donate gowns to under-resourced organizations. Thousands of gowns have already been placed in hospitals and social work frontlines. The company has enough capacity to distribute to other essential workers, not only hospitals.

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