24-24 April 2023
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27 Sep, 2022 /
Nordson Medical
Nordson MEDICAL Opens Tecate Mexico Medical Device Manufacturing Facility
Nordson MEDICAL announces the official opening of its Tecate, Mexico, Medical Device Man...
14 Sep, 2022 /
Qosina Expands Class VI Tubing Portfolio for Single-Use Medical Device and Bioprocess Applications
Qosina expands its Class VI tubing portfolio with several new brands
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Smalley Wins GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award for 10th Consecutive Year
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26 Jul, 2022 /
Qosina Adds the AseptiQuik STC Series to Its Line of Steam-Thru Connectors
Qosina introduces the AseptiQuik® STC connectors to its line of Steam-Thru® connectors
08 Jul, 2022 /
Smalley Europe Celebrates 20 Years of Local Service
Smalley celebrates 20 years in the European market
KNF Neuberger, Inc.
/ 01 May, 2020
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KNF Launches Two New Compact, High-Performance Pumps

KNF's new micro gas pump NMP850 HP delivers outstanding high-flow, pressure, and suction performance, yet remains compact and lightweight. Based on the same footprint as the existing NMP850 series, the powerful new NMP850 HP (high performance) series offers greater than a 50% increase in flow performance. Even with this leap in performance, the pump is only 2.5 mm taller than its forerunner.

The standard NMP 850 HP pump produces free flow up to 7 L/min with a single head and up to 9 L/min with a customized single head. It produces pressure greater than 36 psig (2.5 bar g) and vacuum down to 200 mbar absolute (24 inHg). Dual- and 4-head versions produce additional free flow of up to 16 L/min and 30 L/min, respectively.

Thanks to its high flow rate, compact size, and quiet operation, the NMP850 HP is particularly well-suited for use in wound and medical compression therapy, respiratory care devices, and environmental monitors The pump is available with 2- and 4-wire brushless motors. Standard offerings include FDA-certified EPDM and PPS wetted components.


The powerful new compact N 96 pump is ideal for gas sampling analysis and other applications requiring the reliable, precise transfer of gaseous and vaporous samples. This pump is robust, chemically resistant, and designed for use with a broad spectrum of media at temperatures up to 70°C (158°F).

The N 96 produces flow of up to 8.5 L/min and starts up against the full pressure/vacuum range of up to

36 psig (2.5 bar g) / 100 mbar absolute (26.9 inHg). With a highly efficient brushless DC motor and rotational speed control, this diaphragm pump can dynamically meet the requirements of complex operating profiles. The pump's low heat emittance makes it well-suited for use in ambient temperatures up to 50°C (122°F).

Standard wetted flowpath material options include EPDM and PTFE-coated diaphragms, PPS, aluminum and stainless steel heads, and FFM or FFKM valves. The chemically resistant N 96 is also highly tolerant  of vapor and condensate and has high gas tightness of <6 x 10-3 mbar x L/s. These qualities make the pump perfect for analytical instrument performing tasks related to precise sample preparation,  transfer, and chemical liquid-waste disposal. Additionally, the N 96 is well-suited for diverse applications such as pick-and-place machines and N2 or H2 generators.

As with all KNF OEM pumps, both the NMP850 HP and N 96 are designed with tested configurations, options, and accessories that facilitate optimization to specific application requirements – starting at a lot size of one.

Learn more at: knfusa.com/NMP850HP and knfusa.com/N96

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