24-24 April 2023
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14 Sep, 2022 /
Qosina Expands Class VI Tubing Portfolio for Single-Use Medical Device and Bioprocess Applications
Qosina expands its Class VI tubing portfolio with several new brands
26 Aug, 2022 /
Smalley Wins GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award for 10th Consecutive Year
Smalley receives the General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award for the 10th conse...
26 Jul, 2022 /
Qosina Adds the AseptiQuik STC Series to Its Line of Steam-Thru Connectors
Qosina introduces the AseptiQuik® STC connectors to its line of Steam-Thru® connectors
08 Jul, 2022 /
Smalley Europe Celebrates 20 Years of Local Service
Smalley celebrates 20 years in the European market
15 Jun, 2022 /
Minnesota Rubber & Plastics
Explore our Materials Library for Your Component Design
Minnesota Rubber & Plastics creates a tool to help innovators explore material options f...
HS Design Inc.
/ 12 Feb, 2019
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HSD integrates Industrial Design and UI/UX with Augmented Reality for virtual prototyping

HSD, committed to the integration of AR within design and engineering, is excited to have been selected into Meta’s exclusive Beta program.
HSD is partnering with Meta to explore cutting-edge ways to integrate SolidWorks  3D CAD into Augmented Reality. Our Engineers and Designers are collaborating to develop quicker and more dynamic ways to view models earlier in actual work environments. The goal is to implement these virtual prototypes in early formative tests to accelerate the product development process and minimize prototype costs.
For more information on integrating AR into the product development process contact [email protected]
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