(Buffalo, NY) - Caplugs' new EVC Series vented caps were developed to protect medical tubing and fittings during sterilization and shipment. This patented design allows natural ventilation, which prevents pressure build-up and accidental "pop-up." Constructed from a medical grade elastomer designed to withstand gamma and chemical sterilization without degradation, this series can remain on the fitting following the sterilization for shipping protection. Its ergonomic design allows easy installation and removal while the soft material and internal ribs cushion delicate medical fittings, preventing impact damage and contamination.

Choose from thousands of standard parts that are in stock and ready to ship, or have a team of highly qualified design engineers develop a part to meet specific requirements. 

To learn more about Caplugs and view our entire product line, visit www.caplugs.com or contact a medical sales specialist at 1-888-CAPLUGS.


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