PMC Medical is leading the industry in process development innovation, applying unique injection mold temperature control technology using pressurized water for high-temperature medical and implantable biomaterial applications.

PMC recently completed a study comparing the performance of electric heat versus the PMC OTMS for injection molding of high-temperature biomaterials, such as implantable grades of PEEK. The PMC OTMS study was conducted by PMC Medical in our medical device molding operation located in Shelbyville, IN.

PMC’s scientific study confirmed expectations that the PMC OTMS provided significant benefits over typical mold temperature control techniques used by the industry.

Technology Improvements with PMC OTMS Processing:

  • Reduced shot-to-shot mold temperature variation by 75%
  • Maintained more uniform temperature gradient across the surface of the mold
  • Simplified mold setup and debugging
  • Improved mold temperature control in a clean room environment

Medical Device Benefits with PMC OTMS Processing:

  • Delivered a 30% improvement in crystallinity in the molded part
  • Decreased dimensional variation along the length of the part by 50%, allowing for tighter as-molded tolerances
  • Reduced stress in the molded part
  • Improved yields due to reduction in scrap
  • Reduced tool cost
  • Improved machining characteristics
  • Reduced cycle times for larger parts