Flagstaff, AZ USA, May, 2010 ‐ Machine Solutions Inc.‐ Machine Solutions Inc. (MSI) announces the launch of an automated marker band swager for assembly of PTA and other specialty catheters. The new SW675S Automated Marker Band Swaging Equipment addresses requirements of peripheral devices with band‐to‐band spacing for longer PTA product. The SW675S also works with mapping catheters and similar requiring positioning and swaging of up to 20 marker bands. The pick and place feeding option reduces product costs and operator variability with continuous, automated batch processing.

“The PTA catheter market continues to move in the direction of longer and longer devices. MSI has stepped up to meet customer needs and produced swaging machines that can automatically position and swage bands with 300mm spacing,” says Product Manager Melissa Lachowitzer. “The SW675S precisely positions marker bands with this long spacing by using an automated linear slide handling system and repositioning grippers. This machine with the optional pick and place system creates a versatile automated machine that can stream line multiple manufacturing steps.”

The profile driven SW675S includes an integrated PLC control system with touch screen interface, barcode scanning, and networking capabilities for easy process development and quick product changeover. Laser thru‐beam sensor and servo actuator systems precisely position marker bands. The pick and place head delivers product from an auto‐load tray holding up to 50 pieces of PTA product. Rejected product is automatically set aside in a separate color coded tray to allow for continuous processing.


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