Save twice: Struggling with scrap, production efficiency and process control?
Envision breakthrough productivity! FOBA offers huge savings on and with vision systems!

FOBA, one of the market and technology leaders for laser marking systems, has a big surprise for its customers. For a limited time there is a special offer for fiber and uv-lasers. Every customer who decides to buy one of the two laser types, can save up to 10,740 USD for the additional vision systems of FOBA.

The company offers four vision packages: Point and shoot and the intelligent mark positioning IMP, both either alone or in combination with code validation. With the most extensive version, IMP vision with code validation, you can save more than 10,000 USD. But the discount on the system is not the only way to save money. Customers achieve bigger benefits with increased efficiency in the production process. With IMP and code validation the system recognizes the part and its position. The laser aligns the mark at the right position automatically, it marks the product, and then, in a third step, it checks the quality, position and contrast of the marking and the readability of the content and verifies every single character (OCV).

FOBA vision makes your marking job setup up to ten times faster, it reduces scrap- and production costs significantly and enables you an easy and convenient integration through code validation.

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