KNF introduces two OEM diaphragm pumps, FF 12 and FF 20, to aspirate, transfer, or pressurize liquids and liquid/gas mixtures. The two models form the basis of a modular platform that allows countless customer-specific modifications. Depending on the model, the pumps transfer up to 230 mL/min and can operate at up to 3 bar pressure.

The two basic types cover a wide range of operations. At atmospheric pressure, the FF 12 transfers approximately 150 mL/min and can be operated continuously up to a pressure of 1 bar. The FF 20, which has a similar design but is more powerful, transfers around 230 mL/min and can be used continuously at pressures up to 3 bar. The easily adjustable brushless DC motors allow the transfer rate to be varied linearly at a ratio of approximately 10:1. The suction head of the pumps is not affected by this and, depending on the model, can self-prime up to 5.8 – 10.5 InHg.

Equipped with high-quality brushless DC motors, the pumps require no maintenance and have a service life of 20,000h or more. Models with brush-commutated DC motors are available for customer applications that do not require such a long service life. A wide range of wetted materials are available, and the welded head parts ensure a high level of leak tightness, even with very volatile media.

Tried and proven KNF diaphragm technology ensures media is transferred very gently, which allows optimum handling of sensitive liquids. There is no contamination from wear and tear, as is the case, for example, with gear pumps. The pumps are also dry-run proof and self-priming. All of this guarantees the highest level of reliability in the customer’s application.

A mounting plate with click-on mechanism facilitates installation in and removal from the customer's system, as it reduces the effort required for time-consuming tightening of screws. A wide range of hydraulic connections and different motor types in the most common voltages allows alignment to the customer’s needs, which further simplifies system integration. 

Typical applications include medical device/diagnostics, reprographics, lab equipment, energy technology, cosmetics, cleaning/disinfection, and more.

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