FOBA M2000-B/P and M3000-B/P

Selmsdorf/Lüdenscheid, November 2013 - With its compact workstations in the M-Series, M2000-B/P and M3000-B/P, FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving presents a new generation of flexible laser marking machines for the precise, quick and economic processing of geometrically complex workpieces of varying sizes as well as small and large batches of parts.

The M2000 and M3000 are available in two housing sizes in three model options: as basic models, the M2000-B and M3000-B machines feature a worktable, while models M2000-P and M3000-P are equipped with three programmable axes (X, Y, Z) as standard. The R model, a 2-station turntable machine, rounds off the series. Thanks to various laser systems, as well as flexible and easily retrofitted options and accessories, the laser workstations’ hardware and software can be optimally customized to the customer's requirements.

Basic Models M2000-B and M3000-B
The entry-level models, M2000-B and M3000-B, are equipped with a programmable Z-axis with 590mm overall travel distance, a spacious worktable and an electric lift door. The manually loaded general purpose marking machine is perfect for marking smaller and larger parts – for use in the automotive, metal and tools industries, in mechanical engineering, medical technology and in many plastics processing industries. For marking on the circumference of cylindrical parts, a rotation/swiveling unit is available as an option.

With movable axes: M2000-P and M3000-P
With the P-model laser marking workstations, different positions on a workpiece can be traveled to in three dimensions. If required, all P machines can also be developed in 5 axes.

Thanks to their easily maneuverable axes (100mm/s speed), the M2000-P and M3000-P laser stations are particularly suitable for the efficient processing of large and small batches of parts in pallets, and in general for batch fabrication as found in the automotive, metal and tools industries, in mechanical engineering, medical technology and in many plastics processing industries. Furthermore, both models are also suited for marking larger parts where marking positions are more difficult to reach or where marks have to be applied at several positions.

Precision and process reliability for the highest quality of marking and efficient production
Product marks applied to the wrong position, to the wrong workpiece or to defective workpieces can be very expensive to businesses. Low quality and poor contrast marks also lead to production waste, decreasing productivity. In order to avoid such costly production waste from the outset, and to ensure flawless laser marking in precisely defined positions, the marking workstations in the M-Series are equipped with high-precision calibration. In addition, customers can automatically detect the position of workpieces to be processed with the patented IMP (Intelligent Mark Positioning) camera system.IMP adjusts the mark accordingly, and the mark result can be verified in terms of quality and position in accordance with the marking process. All laser marks are executed precisely and with repeat accuracy, waste is drastically reduced, productivity and efficiency are increased.

In parallel, the rigid polymer concrete machine frame ensures process reliability. As a result of float-mounting the polymer concrete slab on the machine frame, all M‑Series workstations are insensitive to variations in temperature and external vibrations.

Flexible integration of customer processes
The M-Series machines have been designed with flexibility in mind – to facilitate the integration into, safeguarding or enhancing of existing customer processes: Auxiliary equipment or instruments (cameras, measurement devices, sensors, etc.) can be integrated via interfaces in the working chamber of the workstation. Flexible machine control allows the integration of additional process steps, for example quality assurance/quality control.

Efficient production thanks to compact design
Generally, there is very little room available in production areas. Integration of new machines and workstations must be swift and streamlined. For this reason, the M2000 and M3000 machines have a minimal footprint (M2000 1m2, M3000 1.4m2) and are easily accessible from all sides. Loading takes place quickly and easily through the electric lift door, while additional lateral doors can be used for service and maintenance. The compact laser marking workstations are designed for maximum utilization of space and optimal service and maintenance accessibility, and can also be integrated quickly and easily into small spaces. 

Ergonomic machine design ensures smooth production processes
"Constantly standing or sitting while working is tiring and decreases productivity. Our design engineers have attempted to combat this: Thanks to the electric height adjustment, all machines in the M-Series can be used for both seated and standing work. The workstation can even be moved from sitting to standing height and back during operation," explains Uwe Plath, Product Manager for FOBAs M-Series.

The Intelligent Ergonomics Concept, on which the laser workstations are based, also includes the following: The control panel (with monitor, keyboard and computer mouse) can be mounted on the left or right side of the machine, so the machines can be configured for left or right handed people alike. To ensure optimal accessibility, major control elements and status displays are directly integrated into the front of the machine, so that the working area is accessible and visible from all sides. Even illumination of the working area provides good visibility while the lift door is open as well as when closed during processing thanks to the large laser safety window.

With its high adaptability to individual requirements, the advanced, laser class 1 marking workstation provides maximum ease of use and meets all the requirements for ergonomic working.

Adaptable down to the finest detail
With an extensive range of options such as additional axes, a rotation axis or a rotation/swiveling unit, and machine integration interfaces or camera systems, the machines in the M-Series can be adjusted to meet the unique needs of each customer and configured to the particular marking task at hand. Customers can choose between various powerful fiber laser systems which cover a wide range of uses. The configurable laser beam sources are entirely air-cooled and virtually maintenance-free. The machines in the M-Series are supplied with integrated lighting, a large laser safety window and a suction connection as standard.

About FOBA
FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving is among the leaders in manufacturing and supplying precision laser systems for marking and engraving. FOBA marking lasers mark a variety of materials and parts not least in the key markets of Electronics, Automotive, Plastics, Medical, Safety and ID. FOBA laser engraving machines are especially applied in the fields of Tool, Metal and Mold Making, Medical Technology, Jewelry and Coinage. Worldwide sales and service branches service the most important markets.

In September 2009, FOBA has become part of ALLTEC GmbH. Since then, FOBA is part of ALLTEC as a sales channel for laser part marking and engraving.